September 19, 2023

The Top 5 Compact Autonomous Floor Scrubbers for Commercial Use: Small Machines, Big Impact

ICE Cobotics Cobi 18, autonomous floor scrubber, cleaning higher education business school facility

Since robotic floor scrubbers are everywhere we look these days, we thought it would be a good idea to compare the top commercial units on the market. After all, no two are the same.

From easy-to-replace parts to docking stations that do it all, the following commercial robotic scrubbers offer a wide variety of features that help make floor cleaning simple and less of a burden on staff.

What Are Robotic Floor Scrubbers

Robotic floor scrubbers are designed to clean hard floor surfaces autonomously, giving cleaning team members back time in the day to focus on other high-priority tasks.

Due to labor issues, increasing scope of work, and other industry-specific challenges, robotic floor scrubbers are being adopted to help keep up with cleaning tasks across industries.

For example, some major convenience store chains have recently implemented autonomous floor scrubbers to increase cleanliness at their facilities and make the convenience store experience more enjoyable for guests. This helps staff focus on customer satisfaction.

For managers, or those in charge of operations across facilities, autonomous solutions help track cleaning performance. It has long been a struggle to confirm if a cleaning job is done and to what degree without having to travel to the location and perform a physical inspection.

Automation helps solve this issue as the machines are tracked through a variety of software platforms and apps that store cleaning data and reports in the cloud. For those overseeing a building, having confirmed clean technology at your fingertips is a game changer.

For these reasons and more, robotic floor scrubbers have quickly become the ‘popular’ co-worker. Here are the top five commercial robotics scrubbers on the market today and what you need to know about each.

ICE Cobotics: Cobi 18

ICE Cobotics Cobi 18 cleaning retail space

The AI system includes LiDar sensors, 2D, 3D, and Binocular cameras, Ultrasonic sensors, and sophisticated machine learning technology to safely and effectively navigate real-world environments including around people, objects, and even glass, mirrors, and bright light.

Cleaning Modes

Cobi 18 runs autonomously but can be operated in manual mode, for spills or spur-of-the-moment cleaning situations. The unit includes an intuitive touchscreen interface that allows users to deploy the unit within seconds, so anyone can quickly deploy the machine.

In terms of mapping routes, using Custom Route, allows users to map the route once, and save it, and Cobi will remember the route for future operation.

Another option is Auto-fill. This is where a user maps the perimeter of the route only and Cobi figures out the best way to complete mapping the interior of the perimeter mapped.

All routes are saved using an HLC (home location code) tag with data stored in the cloud; this way, any unit that scans the HLC tag will be able to read and follow the saved map route.

One other cleaning feature offered on Cobi 18 is the option to run multiple routes back-to-back. Users select multiple routes, set the machine to run, and Cobi completes the routes without any human intervention.

Unique Qualities

Cobi’s uniqueness stems from ICE Cobotics’ all-inclusive subscription. By offering automation through a subscription, the company strives to make the implementation of robotics easy for those who adopt the technology. The subscription takes on the ownership of the automation, making it a hassle-free situation for the client.

As with all floor cleaning equipment, routine maintenance and service are a part of the cost of buying equipment. ICE Cobotics however includes the price of service, consumables, and their fleet management software, i-SYNERGY, in the subscription cost. This generates huge cost savings for their clients and assures that clients avoid technology obsolescence.

In addition, Cobi’s consumables are all click-on, click-off parts, meaning no tools are required to conduct daily maintenance, making it quick and easy for users.


• Size (L x W x H): 18.8in x 18.8in x 27.4in or 480mm x 480mm x 700mm

• Cleaning Path: 18.8in/480mm

• Cleaning Productivity: 5,000-7,000 ft2/hr or 1524-2134M2/hr

• Run Time: 90 minutes

• Batteries: 24-volt Lithium-ion Batteries

Lionsbot: R3 Scrub Pro

Lions Bot R3 Scrub Pro

Cleaning Modes

R3 Scrub Pro can be deployed by using the “high-definition” touchscreen or through the LionsClean app. The unit can also be deployed using Lionsbot’s Magic Tag system where users “choose the right map, localize the robot with the perfect cleaning settings in a single push to the tag.”

The unit runs autonomously or can be used manually for specific spot clean-up. Once deployed to clean autonomously, the unit cleans and “runs schedules” and then returns to its dock to charge, drain wastewater, and refill clean water before redeploying.

Unique Qualities

Of all its capabilities, perhaps the most unique is that R3 Scrub Pro can be controlled through the Lionsclean app, allowing users to command the unit from the palm of their hand. From starting it on routes to altering map routes, being able to deploy the unit from the app makes for easy floor-cleaning management.


• Size (L x W x H); 25in x 22.4in x 32.5in or 635mm x 570mm x 825mm

• Cleaning Path: 370mm / 14.6 in (brush) or 520 mm/ 20.5 in (dust mop)

• Cleaning Productivity: 12,917-19,374 ft2/hr. or 1200-1800 m2/hr.

• Run Time: 3 hours scrubbing or 7 hours dusting

• Batteries: Powerful battery lasts up to 1500 charging cycles

Gausium: Scrubber 50 & Phantas

Scrubber 50

Gaussiums Scrubber 50

Cleaning Modes

Scrubber 50 is capable of “Zone Cleaning” which means the unit can be deployed into preselected areas to clean the zone, and according to the website, the unit can be deployed without human intervention, essentially meaning it can be scheduled to start on its own and clean during times when people are not on site.

Unique Qualities

Scrubber 50 has three unique operating functionalities.

1-The unit is built with a lift integration option, and this allows the robot to clean multiple levels of a building autonomously.

2-The unit returns to its docking station, charges the batteries, empties the recovery tank, and fills the solutions tank with clean water all on its own.

3-The unit is equipped with fleet management technology so users can monitor cleaning through an online dashboard.


• Size (L x W x H): 34.2in x 27.5in x 40.5in or 860mm x 700mm x 1030mm

• Cleaning Path: 28.34in/ 720mm

• Cleaning Productivity: 3937 ft2/hr. or 1200m2/hr.

• Run Time: 180 minutes

• Batteries: 24-volt Lithium-ion Batteries


Gaussium's Phantas

According to the website, Phantas is “Driven by deep learning based on a million-scale benchmark dataset. Phantas has robust obstacle recognition capability and makes behavior decisions according to the types and features of obstacles. e.g., It would bypass electric wires rather than passing them over directly.”

Cleaning Modes

Like the other robots in this list, Phantas can be deployed to map a room on its own or the route can be alerted through Gausium’s app. In addition, because of the different cleaning modes, sweeping, dust mopping, vacuuming, and scrubbing, the unit can detect the different flooring types and switch operations autonomously.

“Phantas identifies flooring types and automatically adjusts brush height to protect flooring materials and ensures the best cleaning effect. It would automatically turn on the vacuuming mode when driving on a carpet,” according to the website.

Unique Qualities

Phantas has some unique functionality capabilities.

1-Phantas can be connected to a building’s smart system through API and other IoT communication systems; it can even connect to smart elevator systems (if available in the building) and alert the elevator that it needs to travel between floors. The company does note that the “practicality” of this operation is specific to the elevator supplier.

2-The unit comes with a docking station and can complete machine care operations autonomously. While the website does not specify exactly which operations, battery charging is listed and there is an optional water tank trolley that can be ordered.

3-Gausium’s app allows users to control floor cleaning from any location by offering capabilities to alter route maps, schedule the machine to start, and generate data and reporting.

4-Phantas is equipped with Gausium’s Auto Spot Cleaning technology that allows it to scan the floor and detect areas that need extra attention; the machine will take the time to spot-clean the area. If the unit cannot clean the spot as necessary, it will send an alert through the app notifying end-users of the issue.


• Size (L x W x H): 21.3in x 17.3in x 24.3 in or 540mm x 440mm x 617mm

• Cleaning Path: Scrubbing Width 13in/ 330mm; Vacuuming/Sweeping Width 16.2in/410mm

• Cleaning Productivity: 4,305-7,534 ft2/hr or 400-700m2/hr

• Run Time: Scrubbing and Vacuuming 4.5hrs, Sweeping 18hrs, Dust Mopping 10hrs

• Batteries: not listed

i-team: Co-botic 45

i-team Cobotic 45

i-team highlights the unit’s ability to “recognize transparency, mirrors, and move around see-through obstacles when needed.” i-team goes on to point out that the Co-botic 45 also avoids stairs, with depth detection sensors, stating it can stop in time, and if it needs to avoid an obstacle by deviating from its path, it will return to the skipped area (within a few seconds) as long as the object is no longer in the cleaning path.

Cleaning Modes

The Co-botic 45 has a variety of ways it can be used. The unit can be manually mapped to create a route, or it can be left on its own to autonomously map a route.

The unit can be scheduled to start at a specific time and the user can even organize routes to be cleaned in a certain order. There is also a remote-control option that allows the end-user to control the unit from the remote and this can be utilized for manual cleaning or for mapping new routes.

Unique Qualities

Two of the most significant qualities of the Co-botic 45 are the interchangeable batteries and the cobotic app functionality. i-team manufactures their own batteries and chargers and they have made many of the batteries interchangeable between certain units. This makes it easy for end-users to have multiple batteries on hand to keep units running for long periods of time.

i-team also has what’s called the co-botic app which allows end-users to create a cleaning route right from the app. The first time the unit cleans the route it stores the information and saves the route so it can return with no issues when deployed again.


• Unit dimensions (L x W x H): 19.7in x 19.8in x 24.7in or 500mm x 504mm x 629mm

• Cleaning Path: not listed.

• Cleaning Productivity: up to 4921ft2 or up to 1500m2 per single operation cycle

• Run Time: 2-3 hours (with an ipower20 battery)

• Batteries: i-charge 9: 90-264V


Whether you’re looking to clean convenience stores or public venues, these robotic scrubbers offer a wide variety of features and unique capabilities that will help you support your cleaning team and improve your overall cleaning management.

Through advancing technology like autonomous floor cleaning equipment, we continue to evolve the way we tackle complex issues, such as labor shortages, and the way we support the health and well-being of people through cleaner facilities.

ICE Cobotics is a leading floor cleaning technology and equipment company specializing in autonomous and data-tracking solutions. If you are ready to take your floor cleaning to the next level, reach out to one of our automation experts.

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