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J & H Supports Staff and Augments Labor with Cobi 18

Cobi 18, autonomous floor scrubber, cleaning convenience store

Great Customer Service is a Clean Store

J & H Family Stores is a family-owned convenience store retailer with 80 locations across West Michigan. J & H is committed to providing its guests with exceptional customer service by providing clean, safe, well-stocked, and modern facilities that serve the communities that support them. 

“For our guests, good customer service is a very clean store,” says Loren Hoppen the COO of J & H Family Stores. 

He goes on to point out that goals for his teams include stocking shelves and coolers and keeping counters and floors clean. 

Many of the J & H stores are open 24/7 and require constant cleaning and stocking to keep up with the busy C-store environment. 

One location in particular, the Coopersville Travel Center, located just off a busy highway, is nearly 15,000 square feet. The location is open 24/7 and includes two sets of restrooms, showers, a laundry facility, a lounge, and there is a restaurant on site. The Coopersville location is always busy.

"For our guests, good customer service is a very clean store.”

Loren Hoppen



Bringing on Easy-to-Use Floor Cleaning Robots

J & H decided to bring on Cobi 18, an autonomous floor scrubber by ICE Cobotics, to support staff in accomplishing daily tasks while also freeing them up to focus on customer service.

One key component of that customer service is a clean, safe store. Hoppen notes, that by having Cobi on staff he is reassured that floor cleaning is completed no matter how busy associates are helping guests or if the store faces unexpected absences that day. 

While some autonomous solutions can be difficult to use, one of the deciding factors to bring on Cobi for J&H is that the unit is extremely easy to use. 

“Cobi 18 is very user-friendly for our staff,” says Hoppen. He points out that staff can get out and use it and not be afraid to break anything. 

“The people at ICE Cobotics are great at training our staff and coming out and working with our teams,” says Hoppen. 

“It is very easy to use, and the maintenance time is minimal,” says Leo. When Cobi needs regular maintenance, the team wheels it to the back sink, empties the dirty water, adds fresh water or solution, cleans the parts, and plugs the unit in so it’s charged and ready for the next route.  


Cobi 18, autonomous floor scrubber, cleaning at convenience store

“Since adding Cobi to the team, I’ve been freed up to focus on other things that need to get done in the store like stocking the food cooler, maintenance on coffee machines, and more; it’s definitely been a plus.”

Tom Leo


“Cobi has helped us retain staff because it allows them to do other tasks they enjoy more,” says Hoppen. In fact, quite a few of the store associates have been at the J & H Coopersville location for over a year and the store manager Dave just celebrated his fourteenth anniversary. 

Hoppen points out that if he asked his staff who enjoys mopping floors, probably zero would say they do, and when they don’t have to mop the floors “they enjoy coming to work more,” he says. 

Cobi has become a part of the J & H team, and the Coopersville store has named their unit Wall-E.

Leo points out that customers enjoy Wall-E, “The adults even more than the kids,” he says.

J & H has also been able to improve its customer service and in-store experience since adding Cobi to the team. 

“Our customer experience has been better. Our customers know that when they come into a location that has Cobi, the floors are going to be clean, the store is going to look inviting and the store is going to be cleaner because our staff has more time to focus on other areas than the floor,” says Hoppen.

2-4 hrs gained
each day

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