Cobi 18 Autonomous Floor Scrubber

Cobi 18 , robotic floor scrubber, cleaning floors in retail store


90 minutes


5,000-7,000 Sq. Ft. per Hour



Brought to you by the floor care leaders in the commercial cleaning industry, Cobi 18, an autonomous floor scrubber, helps you make a visible difference in clean.

Product Features


Route Mapping

Teach Cobi 18 a route one time and let the robotic floor scrubber repeat the cleaning route multiple times a day on its own each time thereafter. With Fill-in Mode, you can map the perimeter of the space and let Cobi fill in the rest on its own.


Increased Cleanliness

Stop spreading dirty mop water on your floors. Cobi 18, a commercial robotic floor scrubber, applies a constant flow of fresh cleaning solution and leaves behind dry floors.


Navigation Sensors

A combination of sensors detect objects in the robotic scrubber's path. The cobot can navigate tight aisles and complex real-world environments including around mirrors and through sunlight.

Cobi 18 Robotic Floor Scrubber lidar sensors
Cobi 18 autonomous floor scrubber navigation technology


We're Trusted by Industry Leaders

We saw Cobi and I immediately thought, that’s an addition to the team.

Roy Boomkamp

Operations manager CSU

Cobi is very affordable and the financial risk is minimal for us, so we decided to bring Cobi on long term.

Chris Culver

Purchasing Manager

Increased productivity is the main benefit that I see. Cobi saves time, productivity goes up, we see more square footage cleaned, and we get more things done.

Jerry Kouba

Environmental Services Manager

“Since bringing on Cobi, the floor techs can take on other tasks and help cover shifts in other departments if a staff member is off.”

Cynthia Randall

Project Supervisor

“In the month of February, we essentially added 245 hours of labor, that weren't previously there, by utilizing autonomous equipment, and this has enabled staff to focus on the more critical issues we face.”

Eric Heilmeier

Director of Campus Services

“When you look at $15 a day to operate Cobi vs $13 an hour to employ a person, we're realizing significant savings each day on our floor cleaning costs.”

Eric Bradley

Executive Director

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