June 10, 2024

Perception of Clean: 3 Ways Autonomous Cleaning Equipment Can Help

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In 2016, ISSA published an article titled “The Psychology Behind Clean: How to Use Modern Technologies to Create a Noticeable Perception of Clean.”

In the article, writer Mark Sisson makes a case for how important a visible perception of clean actually is across industries and business models. 

Sisson’s argument: “In simplest terms, customers often decide where to eat, what to buy, and how to rate a company’s product or service based on perceptions of visible cues rather than hard data and logic.”

This idea could not be any truer today, and the argument is even more relevant. For most, perception is reality.

If something fits our aesthetic ideal, we are more likely to gravitate towards it. Applying this concept to the buildings we spend our time working, shopping, and living in is more important now, than it has been in the past. 

Why Perception of Clean is Important

The perception of clean is important because it impacts all areas of business and when your facility is clean it can have a lasting impact on customers or building patrons. Cleanliness can even build brand loyalty and influence customer shopping decisions.

Perception of clean directly impacts:

  • Perception of Safety: a clean environment signals safety from germs, viruses, and other health hazards. Decluttered and tidy spaces help reduce anxiety and stress and a clean space helps build credibility for the business.
  • Impact on Health and Wellbeing: building patrons are more likely to feel that the building and any products for purchase in the building are healthier when the environment is clean.
  • Brand Image: a dirty, unkempt building can tarnish your image and you can even lose customers.
  • Purchasing Decisions: customers are more likely to make purchases and become loyal patrons in establishments that exhibit high levels of cleanliness.

How Autonomous Cleaning Equipment Can Help With Perception of Clean

1—Promotes the Feeling of Cleanliness 

Promoting a feeling of cleanliness in your environement goes beyond the normal cleaning routine and requires implemening visual cues that act as subtle reminders that health and safety are being taken seriously.

As Sisson points out in his article 

“The room can look spotless, but without other visible clues, people aren’t going to trust that the door handles are clean. Without visual clues that change our perception, we do not trust the cleanliness of many public spaces, and we certainly don’t trust the hygiene of other people.”

Becasue of this, it's important to implement practices and technology that brings cleaning out into the open.

A prime way to do this is by using autonomous cleaning equipment like ICE Cobotics’ Cobi 18 an autonomous floor scrubber. Cobi can be deployed to run multiple routes a day and is designed to work in complex real-life situations, including around people and obstacles in its path.

Because of this, floor scrubbers like Cobi are a safe way to bring equipment into the public eye to elevate the perception of a quality clean. 

When building patrons see Cobi working, they inantely understand that the building is being cared for, cleanign is happening, and this gives them a sense of safety.

Afterall, the perception is more about the feeling and less about any data. As Stathakis points out:

“When they [people] see office cleaners, day porters and cleaning teams move throughout your building attending to things, customers, visitors and employees get the message that office cleaning and maintenance is a priority.”

This subtle message can help reduce stress and build reassurance, which not only leaves a positive feeling with building patrons but improves your brand image as well.

2—Autonomous Equipment Frees Up Cleaning Staff and Increases Efficiency 

Bringing on autonomous equipment to enhance the perception of cleanliness has other positive effects as well. It allows cleaning staff to be freed up to work on other detailed or specialized tasks resulting in more efficient and quality cleans.

According to Forbes, people and businesses have “7 seconds to make a first impression.” 

Creating positive lasting impressions requires attention to detail and the ability to stay on top of critical tasks like dusting, wiping down high-touch surfaces, keeping bathrooms clean and orderly, and an overall focus on hygiene.

With autonomous solutions as part of the team, these other valuable tasks can be focused on more often and with greater attention.

Not only that, but having cleaning equipment working alongside your cleaning team sends a clear message that health and wellbeing are important.

As Sisson points out “Don’t try to hide the cleaning process, make clean—and cleaners—visible. Seeing professional cleaning personnel working and visually communicating the steps you are taking will go a long way toward tapping into human psychology and adding to the true value of clean.”

3—Fleet Tracking Technology Supports Confirmed Clean 

One of the benefits of autonomous cleaning equipment is the access to fleet tracking technology that collects and stores data in the Cloud.

Fleet tracking technology like i-SYNERGY by ICE Cobotics gives access to data analytics such as days and times of cleaning, how much square footage is cleaned each day, and more.

These reports can be emailed to end users and stakeholders helping to demonstrate proof of performance. This information could be shared with building patrons to demonstrate a confirmed clean and could even help to alleviate concerns regarding health and wellbeing further.

Being able to post reports, share data, and visually communicate when and how spaces are cleaned with time stamps can add to the perception of the cleanliness of a space. 

This information helps create feelings of safety and can also alleviate concerns regarding cleanliness.

All of these steps are likely to improve the perception of cleanliness in your space resulting in happier building patrons that feel a sense of security when they enter your facility.

By creating a space that is clean, healthy, and tidy, you're sure to gain a loyal following.

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