September 07, 2020

How Fleet Tracking Positively Impacts ROI for BSCs

laptop computer open to fleet tracking software showing map and location of equipment

For building service contractors (BSCs) and property managers, meeting a client’s expectations related to cleanliness is a top priority. However, managing cleaning staff, meeting client expectations, and still generating revenue are constant struggles for an industry that faces high employee turnover and absenteeism, along with budgetary constraints. And yet, cleaning standards are only increasing and client expectations along with them.

The shift to cleaning for health has created for BSCs and property managers a need to better keep track of their workforce, both people and equipment. The shift in cleaning standards is here to stay and fleet tracking enhanced equipment is an important tool that can support BSCs, property managers, owners, and cleaning staff to meet these expectations.

Fleet Tracking Can Help with Overall Client Expectations

Meeting client expectations can be difficult, especially as cleaning standards change and the focus shifts to increased amounts of disinfecting and sanitizing to prevent and curtail the spread of illness.

Consumer spending and confidence shifts are already happening and companies that are adopting “visible” cleaning standards and barriers (to keep people distanced) will gain larger followings. The “health and ‘caring’ economy” is expected to grow and consumer loyalties to shift to businesses and brands taking extra precautions to keep people and buildings safe and healthy.

Fleet Tracking systems can help businesses with these concerns because the software is capable of tracking equipment deployed in multiple locations.

No matter the number of units, the end user can log in and review the data through an app, or a computer. Data is stored in the Cloud and many fleet tracking systems, like i-SYNERGY, turn the data into easy-to-read reports, much of which can be customized by the end user.

The analytic capabilities are important to not only BSCs and property managers but also building owners as these reports can supply an accurate depiction of how the building is being cleaned.

Reporting capabilities are vast and include the ability to see every machine operating in a fleet, including its run time, downtime, charging time, and even the routes the equipment has cleaned.

Being able to share this kind of data with anyone potentially entering the building helps to provide a sense of assurance that health and safety is top priority.

Many of today’s floor scrubbers and sweepers come with fleet tracking technology that allows BSCs and property managers to collect and analyze these reports.

This allows end users to discover problem areas that may need more attention and to monitor any issues the equipment may have during regular operation, in addition to being able to track the area cleaned.

Fleet tracking allows for full transparency—something consumers are regularly demanding more of out of business. The more transparent a business can be with its consumers the more likely they are to generate a devoted following—thus affecting ROI.

Fleet Tracking Helps Staff with Productivity & Efficiency

Time is important, especially in the cleaning industry. Return on investment is directly related to how much cleaning can be done in the least amount of time while also focusing on vital details that meet client expectations.

Cleaning industry best practices consist of a “commitment to consistent and responsive service” as an identifier of the best cleaning teams and companies. Being able to better train staff and develop consistent and reliable methods of response time and communication empowers staff to be more productive and efficient.

Fleet tracking software allows staff to improve in their efforts because they can see and trace the work they have done, while using the equipment, through the collected reports and analytics.

This allows facility managers and leaders to review the regular routines and give feedback to cleaning staff or adjust systems and practices to help cleaning staff find more efficient routes. It acts as a training device that serves the janitorial staff, the managing team, and end users that wish to see visible changes based on data.

Autonomous floor cleaning equipment, like ICE Cobotics' Cobi 18, can even free janitorial staff up from routine floor scrubbing, giving them the time they need to increase disinfecting and sanitizing of high touch point areas. This in return helps make cleaning standards more visible to consumers and clients.

Utilizing fleet tracking to empower staff through training and coaching can lead to more productive and efficient cleans, meaning a better ROI not only in saved labor costs in terms of a job well done but also in terms of keeping well-trained staff employed, thus potentially reducing turnover.

Fleet Tracking Helps with Preventative Maintenance

The reality of the cleaning industry is that equipment breaks. There are several reasons for this: extensive use causing parts to wear out, not enough routine maintenance, and operator error that causes malfunctions.

Equipment breakdowns and malfunctions are expected and plague anyone using cleaning equipment. For an industry that lives by the “don’t fix it ‘til it’s broken” motto, machine breakdown can be costly. Not only are cleaning tasks not getting done, but sometimes for up to a week or more, the cleaning crew is also stalled in their ability to work efficiently.

The best way to avoid any issues with floor cleaning equipment is with routine maintenance and fleet tracking services which can help create and manage the schedule.

Fleet tracking services allow end users to plan and prepare for these breakdowns ahead of time. As more data is collected about the machines, the easier it is for users to plan and replace parts before they go bad, thus creating a routine maintenance plan in the process.

A regular routine maintenance schedule will drastically cut down on machine downtime and will allow janitorial staff to remain in full operation.

Fleet Management Software Is Innovative & User Friendly

Easy access through Cloud storage and user-friendly portals are common. Fleet tracking services can be downloaded through an app or accessed through a computer and supply real-time information.

Differing platforms offer a variety of options, but in general, this technology is easy to use and does not require detailed training. Most manufacturers supply training videos and have service technicians available to get users started if there are questions.

Luckily, most of the platforms have easy-to-decipher infographics and intuitive technology that makes using fleet management systems simple.

Being able to access this information from any internet connection at any time, saves managers or area supervisors from having to travel from building to building and instead allows them time to focus on their staff and developing better cleaning practices and strategies.

Important to ROI

Fleet tracking technology is changing the floor cleaning industry. Being able to manage time more efficiently, empower janitorial staff to make effective changes, and save managers and area supervisors unnecessary trips from building to building, all add up to a positive return on investment.

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