April 19, 2020

How Robots Can Help During a Pandemic

Cobi 18 an autonomous scrubber by ICE Cobotics cleaning healthcare office while healthcare employee works on computer in background

COVID-19 is having a profound impact on the way we clean. Many businesses are implementing enhanced cleaning procedures following CDC and public health guidelines to make changes that benefit the health and safety of people.

The change in standards is requiring more time to be dedicated to these new requirements leaving businesses in a tough situation.

Businesses cannot exceed the standard working hours of their staff and cannot find qualified employees in large numbers to take on additional tasks, leaving them with limited options.

This is where robots can help, by being integrated into the day-to-day workforce. Specifically, cleaning automation equipment can help aid staff during this critical time to meet enhanced cleaning and implement social distancing.

Here are five ways automated cleaning equipment can help during COVID-19:

Enhanced Productivity

With new standards in place, cleaning teams have more work to be completed each day. Cleaning staff are finding it difficult to complete new cleaning tasks in addition to their standard cleaning checklists in the same amount of time. New expectations and continuous changes make it nearly impossible to get all of the work done.

Automation can help improve productivity and efficiency. For example, Cobi 18, an autonomous floor scrubber by  ICE Cobotics can help take the burden off staff by cleaning the floors so staff focus on sanitizing and disinfecting other surfaces.

Cobi is built with a safety-first approach and has advanced navigation features. The advanced sensors allow it to navigate real-world complexities and moving environments letting it work efficiently around people and objects.

Social Distancing

Not only can robots help offload cleaning tasks, but they help keep employees safe.

Social Distancing has been highly advised by the U.S. government in all parts of the country as COVID-19 continues to spread. Social distancing means staying at least six feet from another person.

Robots can help your cleaning staff remain at a healthy distance from other humans while performing cleaning tasks and completing the cleaning checklist.

To follow social distancing advisements, ICE Cobotics is offering virtual deployment to train your staff on how to set up Cobi. Our virtual deployment includes quick start guides and short How-To videos from unboxing Cobi, to setting up its automated routes, to storing the unit.

Our Client Care Team is always a phone call or email away to answer any questions you or your staff may have about operating the equipment.

Consistent Cleaning

With robotics, you are guaranteed a consistent and frequent clean with standardized routing. After manually teaching Cobi a route one time, the unit can run the route on it own with a few simple taps. Automation ensures reliable and frequent floor care.

Confirmed Clean

At times, facility managers are often left worrying if the building is fully cleaned and up to new standards.

Through i-Synergy fleet management software facility managers have full access to the performance history of the machine including, how, when, and where cleaning was performed. These systems bring analytics to cleaning, helping you rest easy and demonstrate confirmed cleaning to necessary stakeholders.

Overcoming Labor Shortages

With coronavirus cases continuing to rise, we are facing the highest unemployment numbers in decades. The combination of regular absenteeism and now an uptick in employee sick leave, has made keeping a full staff extremely challenging.

Regardless of absenteeism and sick leave, buildings still need to be cleaned and now, more than ever, sanitized and disinfected in addition to regular cleans. There is a major need for staffing help to meet cleaning requirements. Let Automation help meet those needs with reliable and frequent cleans.

How We Think About Cleaning Has Changed

COVID-19 may be the tipping point for the cleaning industry, helping us all realize how important a consistent and clean environment is and how robotics can help. As a society, we must maintain these new clean standards moving forward to prevent future pandemics.

Now is the time to lean into automation. At ICE Cobotics we are dedicated to helping businesses during this crisis and beyond through offering aid through autonomous cleaning equipment. Reach out to our Automation Experts for help.

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