October 20, 2020

Confirmed Clean: How Intelligent Cleaning Equipment Can Help

person confirming a job is done in an office building using fleet tracking technology on their phone

Not everyone has the same set of standards and expectations when it comes to clean spaces. This is why it is essential for building managers and property owners to establish clear cleaning standards for their teams.

This way, janitorial staff know what is expected of them and the standards they must meet during each shift. Plus, having set standards and clear processes makes it easier for business owners and managers to track if goals are being met.

What Is "Confirmed Clean"?

By creating set expectations and standards, janitorial staff and managers can demonstrate and speak to a confirmed clean.

Confirmed Clean means being able to say with assurance a cleaning job is done. It confirms that an area has been completely cleaned and ensures that it is up to the standards set by building and property managers.

This is proven using equipment with fleet tracking applications that provide information such as the run time of machines and square footage cleaned.

Building owners, property managers, and BSCs can all access this data through cloud-based systems right from their computer or on their phone through an app. The platforms differ based on the manufacturing and distributing company, but most operate similarly.

How Confirmed Clean Can Help

The healthcare industry is one example where a Confirmed Clean is incredibly important and this is due to certain guidelines that are set and applied to all hospitals and care facilities.

In these environments specifically, microscopic particles and airborne pathogens are everywhere. The human eye however is unable to detect the presence of these molecules. Cleaning this "invisible’’ left behind matter is crucial since it can cause airborne diseases or infections and interfere with the overall cleanliness of a space.

In hospitals, this is of the utmost importance, but it also applies to hospitality, retail, distribution, and the general workspace. We live in a time when more and more people are concerned with working in "safe" and "healthy" indoor spaces.

Confirmed Clean presents detailed proof that a building has been cleaned following set protocols and achieving the highest standards set within an industry. Using the data and analytics the fleet tracking apps provide, people will be assured of a safe environment.

How Intelligent Cleaning Equipment Can Help Achieve Confirmed Clean

Intelligent cleaning equipment is equipment that utilizes data tracking technology such as fleet management software.

Equipment that comes with fleet management software can track data and analytics and save this information in reports to help end users improve processes and performance by tracking cleaning performance.

Fleet tracking Helps Staff and Managers Speak to Confirmed Clean

Fleet tracking provides data to standardize the cleaning process. It will make it possible for business owners to keep track of all equipment in various locations and how the equipment is performing. Knowing the place and status of the machine and the results from each time it runs will give the user a good overview of the fleet.

Data tracking and fleet management capabilities like these help BSCs and Building Managers to make process improvements. With the analytics and data provided, such as run time and square footage cleaned, staff will also be able to continuously prove that all the right steps have been taken and the desired confirmed clean has been achieved.

Autonomous Cleaning Equipment Helps with Confirmed Clean

In addition, Cobots, collaborative robots, like ICE Cobotics’ Cobi 18, an autonomous scrubber, work alongside staff by taking over repetitive tasks such as floor cleaning.

This presents more opportunities for cleaning staff to focus on more prominent tasks like disinfecting and sanitizing. When cleaning staff can fully concentrate on specialized work that needs to be done manually, confirmed cleaning can be done more efficiently.

In some cases, cleaning equipment companies will even supply "service" as part of their plan. ICE Cobotics for example, offers an all-inclusive subscription model.

This includes real-time access to fleet tracking technology that shows "confirmed clean" data, included with their subscription. Some providers offer added service with their fleet tracking software, but there can be added charges that come along with that based on the distributor.

In the case of ICE Cobotics’ subscription service, entire fleets are monitored by ICE Cobotics staff in addition to any other end users. This type of partnership leads to preventative maintenance and access to software updates and upgrades.

Why Confirmed Clean Is So Important

A) Confirmed Clean Supports Cleaning Staff to Be More Productive and Efficient

Confirmed Clean is important to BSCs and managers because it helps them to develop processes and procedures that help staff to be more productive and efficient.

Through data analytics, managers can see if there might be better options for how to use the equipment which would in turn free up staff for longer periods to focus on higher-priority tasks.

The capabilities of cleaning staff can increase since they will be able to manage their equipment and time more efficiently and optimize their performance to meet the highest standard possible.

B) Confirmed Clean Helps Building Owners, Managers and BSCs Meet Client Expectations

The priority of commercial cleaning companies is to provide their clients with the highest quality of cleaning possible. To help achieve maximal cleanliness, it is important to set clear guidelines. Confirmed cleaning helps to maintain these because it assesses if the work is done correctly and meets set cleaning standards.

Fleet tracking platforms like i-SYNERGY, give building managers insight into the work their machines are doing.

The data provided by the fleet tracking system includes detailed route tracking, the length of time the equipment runs per day, and start and stop times.

BSCs and building managers use this information to speak to building owners and stakeholders. It is important that BSCs can show proof of the work that is being done, and this is how they will make this happen.

For property owners and stakeholders, it is crucial to know how much work is done each day. The data provided is so important because it shows stakeholders and property owners exactly what it is they have invested in.

C) Confirmed Clean Results in Safe and Healthy Spaces for Clients and Building Patrons

Employees, clients, and building patrons have changing expectations in terms of building safety. A safe and clean space is the biggest expectation for visiting or returning to work.

Being able to assure anyone entering a building that it has been properly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected is one of the top priorities that cleaning staff are currently working towards.

In hospitals, for example, this is an especially critical matter, where the cleanliness of a space can prevent patients from infectious diseases.

In a world where expectations for a clean and hygienic environment are continuously becoming higher, the ability to confirm your building is clean will be crucial. This is why proof of performance is also useful in the workplace since clear data on the performance of janitorial staff can help establish and maintain a healthy working environment. Employees and clients will expect this to be the standard, and businesses need to ensure they are comfortable in their space.

When buildings fail to meet these cleaning standards, clients and employees might search for alternatives that provide a healthy and clean environment. Hence, buildings will be forced to meet expectations to ensure their business stays healthy and running.

This is why using "smart" equipment is beneficial. It is designed to work alongside staff to keep spaces clean and to support the overall health and well-being of people. The advanced technology allows end users access to cleaning data, which enables them to prove their performance and achieve a confirmed clean.

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