OCTOBER 18, 2022

Phillips 66 steps into the Future with Autonomous Cleaning Cobot, Cobi 18, from ICE Cobotics

What’s the news:

Phillips 66, has teamed up with ICE Cobotics, a floor cleaning equipment and technology company, to offer autonomous cleaning robots to C-Store and aviation locations. 

Why it matters:

With Cobi 18, Phillips 66 will connect more than 7000 of their branded Phillips 66®, Conoco®, 76® and Phillips 66 Aviation locations with innovative cleaning technology to create C-Stores and FBOs of the future, enabling them to be cleaner, more organized and deliver better customer service. 

Who it’s for:

Convenience Stores and Aviation FBOs considering ways to automate repetitive work, create cleaner, more organized stores, improve consumer experience and add innovative technology to their facility.

ICE Cobotics Cobi 18, robotic floor scrubber cleaning convenience store floors

Zeeland, Mich.—October 18, 2022—Today, ICE Cobotics and Phillips 66 announced an agreement to offer ICE Cobotic’s Cobi 18 autonomous floor scrubber to Phillips 66’s retail network of more than 7000 branded fuel locations and FBOs. Cobi 18 is an innovative cleaning technology that will enable Phillips 66’s branded Phillips 66®, Conoco®, 76® and Phillips 66 Aviation locations to meet consumer demand for cleaner and more organized sites, while delivering a better consumer experience and progressing toward the company’s goal of creating the c-store and FBO of the future. 

Cobi 18 is designed to clean 5000-7000 sq ft per hour and, starting at $15 a day, is an inexpensive way for site operators to renew their focus on facility cleanliness. It can deploy multiple times per day to clean floors, ensuring consumers experience a clean environment every time they walk through the door. 

Leveraging autonomous technology, Cobi 18 helps with staffing shortages by taking on repetitive work, allowing employees to focus their attention in other areas, including stocking coolers and shelves, keeping fresh food and drink areas clean, and providing better customer service, resulting in increased productivity. 

”We are excited to step into the future with ICE Cobotics by enabling our customers to lower operating costs and provide consumers with a cleaner experience with Cobi 18,” says Manager of Branded Sales, Lou Burke. 

“We are proud to work with a company like Phillips 66 that has a vision to bring impactful, affordable, and easy to implement technologies, such as Cobi 18, to their fuel customers. By deploying Cobi 18, fuel retailers and FBOs can focus their resources on what is most important to grow their businesses,” says Director of Strategic Accounts U.S., Kris Dihrkop.


ICE Cobotics’s mission is to develop innovative floor cleaning solutions and technology that deliver greater efficiency, happier cleaning teams, and healthier environments. ICE Cobotics is a global company with sales and service offices in the US, Europe, and China.

To learn more about ICE Cobotics visit: www.us.icecobotics.com

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About U.S. Marketing at Phillips 66®, 76® and Conoco®

Phillips 66 is a diversified energy manufacturing and logistics company. With a portfolio of Midstream, Chemicals, Refining, and Marketing and Specialties businesses, the company processes, transports, stores and markets fuels and products globally. Headquartered in Houston, the company has 14,200 employees committed to safety and operating excellence. Using a network of branded marketers and dealers operating approximately 7,000 outlets, its U.S. Marketing business supplies TOP TIER® Detergent Gasolines under the Phillips 66®, 76® and Conoco® brands. For more information, visit http://www.phillips66.com/ or follow us on Twitter @Phillips66Co.

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