February 13, 2024

J&H Family Stores deploys autonomous floor-cleaning robots

Cobi 18, robotic floor scrubber cleaning floors at convenience store

J&H Family Stores, a US convenience store chain with more than 75 locations, has integrated autonomous floor cleaning robots from ICE Cobotics into its operations.  

The robot’s compact design is suited for the convenience store environment, where it can safely navigate through small spaces and around obstacles to operate effectively without disrupting the store’s daily activities. 

The deployment is a strategic response to the challenges of labour shortages in the retail sector.

Store associates at J&H have welcomed the addition of the Cobi units, acknowledging the benefits of having collaborative robots as part of the workforce.  

The introduction of Cobi robots into J&H Family Stores enables staff to redirect their focus on customer-facing activities including stocking shelves and preparing fresh food. 

Cobi is available through an all-inclusive subscription model covering service, parts, consumables and technology updates without additional costs.  

This makes it an accessible option for convenience stores looking to adopt automation without significant investment. 

J&H Family Stores chief operating officer Loren Hoppen said: “Partnering with ICE Cobotics to bring autonomous cleaning into our stores has been a huge success. It has helped improve customer experience, employee retention and labour expenses within the stores.  

“Having the Cobi machine in the stores has allowed our team members to spend more time with customers and improve customer experience. J&H Family Stores is excited to continue partnering with ICE Cobotics on ever more locations in the future.” 

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