NOVEMBER 21, 2019

Intelligent Cleaning Equipment Launches Robotics Division

ICE announced the formation of ICE Cobotics, an entirely new international division, in a recent statement.

ICE Cobotics is focused on reducing repetitive tasks for cleaning professionals through the deployment of autonomous cleaning equipment and related technologies. It is a global, stand-alone robotics company and integrated solutions provider, overseen by CEO Simon Chen and a team of seasoned industry leaders. The organization has regional headquarters located throughout the world in Zeeland, Michigan, Shanghai and Amsterdam.

ICE Cobotics is developing, manufacturing and deploying autonomous robots for the cleaning industry. At the cornerstone of their product offering is the i-Synergy platform, which provides cloud-based data and user reports that drive improvements in labor, machine and task utilization. i-Synergy is an important aspect helping managers better utilize their labor and assess cleaning equipment needs.

The RS-26 (EMMA) autonomous scrubber has already been successfully introduced to the market internationally.

“Labor continues to be the largest single challenge across facilities in the markets we serve today,” says Chen. “We will continue to adopt automation as a part of our everyday lives, so expanding our product portfolio fits the demands of the markets and customers we serve.”

In addition to offering intelligent cleaning products, ICE Cobotics will provide the industry with a new, all-inclusive subscription-based acquisition approach to drive better cash flow for customers while keeping them on the cutting edge of improving navigation and software technologies. 

By subscribing or renting the technology, customers insure they will drive labor efficiency by utilizing the most up-to-date products for their cleaning projects while providing flexibility as the needs change of the professional cleaner. 

The all-inclusive model will also eliminate unpredictable maintenance costs associated with owning an equipment fleet. Read more at:

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