SEPTEMBER 25, 2021

ICE Cobotics of Zeeland launches industry-first subscription service

ZEELAND — ICE Cobotics, a floor-cleaning equipment company based in Zeeland, has announced an industry-first, all-inclusive subscription service.

The service aims to make managing "fleets" of equipment easier for cleaning professionals, the company wrote in a statement. Paying for a subscription will reduce downtime and create a more predictable budget.

“Our all-inclusive subscription model ensures that customers have access to the highest quality and most productive floor care equipment,” said ICE Cobotics U.S. President Mike DeBoer.

The service includes intelligent and autonomous cleaning equipment, parts and service for the duration of the contract and access to management software.

ICE Cobotics of Zeeland has announced an industry-first, all-inclusive subscription service for floor cleaning machines and maintenance.

“We shoulder the responsibility of increasing your uptime," DeBoer said.

ICE notes there's a lack of predictability when it comes to owning floor cleaning machines, similar to the unpredictability of owning a vehicle. The subscription model removes the uncertainty and helps with consistency.

“We find our customers prefer to use their capital to expand their business versus having it tied up in equipment ownership,” DeBoer said.

When the subscription term ends, companies can select new cleaning equipment and begin a new subscription.

Large floor cleaning machines are often used in grocery stores, schools and hospitals, and have become more in-demand during the pandemic.

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