MARCH 28, 2023

ICE Cobotics Wins Award for Artificial Intelligence

ICE Cobotics has been named a recipient of The Business Intelligence Group’s 2023 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award.

Every year, the awards program recognizes organizations, products, and people for developing artificial intelligence and successfully applying it to solve real world problems. ICE Cobotics’ Cobi 18 autonomous floor scrubber was one of 65 products honored by The Business Intelligence Group. The scrubber was recognized for its positive impact on daily cleaning operations, freeing up staff from repetitive floor cleaning and allowing them to focus on high-level tasks.

“Our mission is to develop smart and collaborative cleaning technologies that result in happier cleaning teams, greater efficiency, and improve well-being worldwide. Cobi 18 does this by making it simple for frontline staff to easily deploy the unit and increase cleaning frequency, thus improving the health of building occupants,” said Simon Chen, ICE Cobotics CEO.

You can read the article here.

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