NOVEMBER 1, 2022

Floor Cleaning Robots Coming Soon to Phillips 66's C-Stores

Phillips 66 is teaming up with cleaning technology company Ice Cobotics to deploy floor-scrubbing robots at its 7,000 branded fuel locations across the U.S., including at the approximately 200 locations the company has in the Garden State.

Through the partnership, the Houston-based fuel retailer will connect its network of Philips 66, Conoco, 76 and Phillips 66 Aviation locations with Cobi 18, an autonomous floor scrubber. 

Besides meeting consumer demand for cleaner, more organized sites and a better overall customer experience, the technology will also further Philips 66’s goal of “creating the c-store of the future.”

According to Ice Cobotics, Cobi 18 also helps with staffing shortages by taking on repetitive work, allowing employees to focus their attention on other areas, like stocking shelves, keeping food fresh, cleaning drink areas and providing better customer service.

The compact battery-operated bot can clean between 5,000 square feet and 7,000 square feet per hour and costs retailers $15 per day to use.

It can also be deployed multiple times per day to clean floors, ensuring customers experience a clean environment every time they walk through the door, Ice Cobotics said.

While the Michigan-based company already offers its cleaning technology at health care facilities, office spaces, universities, manufacturing facilities and public venues, Phillips 66 is its first partner in the c-store industry.

Lou Burke, Phillips 66 branded sales manager, said, “We are excited to step into the future with ICE Cobotics by enabling our customers to lower operating costs and provide consumers with a cleaner experience with Cobi 18.”

Kris Dihrkop, Ice Cobotics’ director of strategic accounts U.S., said, “We are proud to work with a company like Phillips 66 that has a vision to bring impactful, affordable, and easy to implement technologies, such as Cobi 18, to their fuel customers. By deploying Cobi 18, fuel retailers and FBOs can focus their resources on what is most important to grow their businesses.”

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