MAY 12, 2022

ICE Cobotics launches new autonomous floor scrubber

ICE Cobotics has launched Cobi 18, a compact autonomous floor scrubber available through an all-inclusive subscription.

Designed by cleaning professionals for cleaning professionals, Cobi 18 delivers high-performance scrubbing and is easy to use.

The user interface is clear and simple, and its “teach and repeat” feature allows users to train a route once and deploy it with the click of a button each time thereafter.

Not only is Cobi 18 easy to operate, but its subscription program is all-inclusive and accessible, starting at less than $20 a day.

Simon Chen, CEO of ICE Cobotics says: “Cobi 18 is the first autonomous scrubber that can be widely adopted for commercial use.

“With its compact size suitable for any site, its intuitive interface made for any level of user, and our affordable subscription, implementing automation is now obtainable with ICE Cobotics.”

Cobi 18 has been purposely designed to excel at scrubbing all types of hard floors. Key features include:

  • “One charge, one fill” for 90 to 120 minutes of scrubbing
  • Compact and nimble, optimized for tighter spaces and “close to the edge” cleaning
  • Squeegee and optional dry mop attachment to help ensure dry floors
  • Minimal daily maintenance with a dual tank that is easy to empty, clean, and re-fill
  • Side brushes and a hopper to help collect light debris

Cobi 18’s advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) integrates data from a combination of different sensors to identify its surroundings and safely navigate around obstacles, even in challenging environments that include mirrors, glass, escalators, or bright sunlight.

Cobi 18 is simple to initiate and operate. Its operating modes include:

  • Teach and Repeat: Teach a route once for Cobi 18 to run independently
  • Fill-in Mode: Trace the perimeter of an area and Cobi 18 automatically fills in the interior
  • Route Sequence: Run two pre-programmed routes back-to-back
  • Delayed Start: Schedule Cobi 18 to commence its route at a pre-set time

Furthermore, with its simple UI (user interface), opportunity charging capabilities, and saved route maps, Cobi 18 can be easily programmed and deployed multiple times a day with the click of a button, resulting in reliable and consistent cleaning.

While Cobi 18 cleans the floors, cleaning professionals are freed to focus on other important tasks that may get skipped due to time constraints and increased workload.

ICE Cobotics’ i-SYNERGY fleet management software provides managers and end-users with a simple way to manage and monitor cleaning performance and get real-time data insights.

Using i-Synergy’s Clean Score metric, managers can remotely check cleaning productivity at any site they manage, saving them time and energy.

Clean Score is easy to use and provides managers with a simple color-coded system allowing them to quickly check which sites are on track for the day and which sites may need additional support. Simply put, each site managed has a score based on the cleaning done each day.

For managers, this is a significant benefit as they have access to real-time data, can measure progress against goals they have established, and can view a summary report based on the established goals.

ICE Cobotics’ subscription program makes it easier than ever for companies to adopt automation starting at less than $20 a day for a 36-month contract.

Along with Cobi 18, the subscription includes access to i-Synergy fleet management software, repairs and replacement parts as needed, customer support, and key consumables (that is, brushes, squeegees).

Mike DeBoer, ICE Cobotics, North America, says: “In today’s ever-changing environment, cleaning teams are being tasked with producing greater results with fewer resources. ICE Cobotics’ subscription provides customers with an easy and affordable way to access autonomous cleaning technology.”

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