MARCH 13, 2023

Bowling Green State University adds cobot, Cobi 18, to increase campus health and support staff

ICE Cobotics Cobi 18, autonomous floor scrubber at Bowling Green State University

Zeeland, Mich.—March 13, 2023—Today, Bowling Green State University announced the adoption of ICE Cobotics’ Cobi 18, a collaborative robot, to be deployed on BGSU’s campus.

Known for being committed to adopting highly sophisticated technology, Bowling State Green University continues to embrace leading-edge autonomous solutions. The higher education facility is adding Cobi 18, an autonomous floor scrubber, to its lineup of cobotic solutions across campus.

Adding cobots, collaborative robots, like Cobi 18, allows BGSU to focus on its mission to increase public good by supporting custodial staff. Cobi 18 will work alongside custodial staff, not replace them, and take on the repetitive and stress-inducing task of floor cleaning. 

While Cobi cleans the floors, custodians are freed up to focus on more detailed and critical tasks, ensuring the campus is clean, safe, and supports the health and well-being of students, faculty, and staff. Improving the cleanliness and health of campus helps to positively impact the greater community.

“BGSU is excited to partner with ICE Cobotics to bring cutting-edge autonomous cleaning equipment to campus. This partnership, which is the first of its kind among Ohio public universities, allows Campus Operations to better maintain clean and welcoming facilities. While the autonomous units are cleaning, our staff can focus on other critical aspects of our work, ultimately providing a higher level of service and keeping BGSU facilities healthier and safer for the public.” -Eric Heilmeier, Director of Campus Services

ICE Cobotics Cobi 18 robotic floor scrubber cleaning BGSU business building

In addition, bringing on Cobi 18 provides BGSU with another way to focus on its commitment to using cutting-edge technology and to be a leading higher ed adopter of automation and technology. Autonomous solutions like Cobi 18 elevate campus and are a welcome addition by today’s students.

Cobi 18’s compact size and sophisticated navigation system make it ideal for the University’s Bowen-Thompson Student Union Building, one of the busiest on campus, and where Cobi is currently being deployed. 

Due to its easy-to-use interface, Cobi can be deployed by custodial staff within minutes and left to safely clean floors, navigating heavy foot traffic and obstacles. Additionally, it is an inexpensive way for BGSU to support custodial staff as it starts at $15 a day. 

“We are proud to partner with BGSU as they continue to adopt innovative cleaning technology like Cobi 18. The implementation of Cobi will support BGSU in their commitment to deliver exceptional cleaning and maintenance services across its community. Because Cobi is compact, can be implemented in a variety of spaces, and safely navigates real-world obstacles, it is the perfect choice for a busy campus like BGSU.” - Mike DeBoer, President ICE Cobotics N.A.


Founded in 2011, ICE Cobotics is an innovative floor cleaning equipment company with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. ICE Cobotics develops and offers a range of autonomous and intelligent solutions to help its clients to achieve superior cleaning outcomes, greater efficiency, and a happier workforce.

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Located in Bowling Green, Ohio, Bowling Green State University is home to more than 19,600 students, offering more than 200 undergraduate majors and programs, as well as graduate and online programs. The University is ranked by U.S. News & World Report as a tier-one public university and is nationally recognized for the quality of its teaching and social mobility.

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