February 12, 2024

J & H Family Stores adds floor-cleaning robots

Cobi 18, autonmous floor scrubber cleaning J & H convenience store

ZEELAND, Mich. — Convenience stores operated by J & H Family Stores have been equipped with robots that clean floors without human input.

The chain says the autonomous robots, made by ICE Cobotics, provide extra help to stores’ staff, allowing their human coworkers to prioritize customer service, keeping shelves stocked and preparing fresh food.

We’re told stores better retain employees as the workday is made easier thanks to the new bots, named Cobi.

“Partnering with ICE Cobotics to bring autonomous cleaning into our stores has been a huge success. It has helped improve customer experience, employee retention, and labor expenses within the stores,” says J & H COO Loren Hoppen.

“Having the Cobi machine in the stores has allowed our team members to spend more time with customers and improve customer experience. J & H Family Stores is excited to continue partnering with ICE Cobotics on ever more locations in the future.”

J & H says Cobi is able to clean around tight spaces and move away from objects both moving and stationary. A subscription to Cobi includes parts, maintenance and tech updates.

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