October 24, 2022

ISSA 2022: ICE Cobotics Booth: Cobi 18 & Innovation

ICE Cobotics ISSA 2022 team memberst standing in trade show booth in front of large video wall and next to Cobi 18, robotic floor scrubber

We had a wonderful time at ISSA 2022 and hope you did too! 

This year the team was excited to introduce Cobi 18 to show attendees, exhibitors, and staff. 

Cobi 18 is a compact autonomous floor scrubber that we launched globally in May, 2022 and is the first of its kind designed specifically to work in small spaces. 

Due to Cobi’s compact size, it can easily maneuver through tight aisles and complex environments like retail and convenience stores—amongst many other facility types. 

The machine’s highly sophisticated navigation system supports the machine’s operation around glass doors (like cooler doors), mirrors, and through bright light. 

Additionally, and most importantly, Cobi is easy to use and maintain. 

Need to replace the squeegee? No problem, just click it off. Need to clean out a brush? No problem, just click it off. And when you’re ready, you just click them back on! The hopper easily slides in and out of the machine and the dual tank lifts right out for easy dumping and cleaning. 

Our goal: an autonomous machine that is built to clean and designed to be easy to use and maintain. We think we did an excellent job! 😊

ICE Cobotics ISSA 2022

If you didn’t get a chance to see Cobi in the booth, you can see Cobi in action here.

Cobi 18: Innovation Award Honoree 

We entered Cobi 18 into the ISSA Innovation Awards and were up against some tough competition! 

On Tuesday, one of our National Account Managers, Aaron Motley, delivered a great presentation about Cobi 18 at the Innovation Showcase Theater. Afterward, we waited impatiently for the winners to be announced. 

On Thursday, Cobi was awarded the title Innovation Award Honoree, next to some other impressive award winners and honorees. 

Congratulations to all who participated in the Innovation Awards this year and thanks to all who voted for Cobi! 

If you missed the presentation, you can find out more about Cobi in the messaging highlights below or here.

ICE Cobotics Cobi 18 ISSA 2022

Our message this year was all about Cobi 18 & Innovation

ICE Cobotics ISSA 2022

CAPTIVATE your clients with Cobi 

  • Adding robotics to your line of equipment will pique interest. 
  • You'll improve the scope of work at each facility you manage, clients will notice! 
  • You'll deliver quality cleans with efficient and consistent cobots. Improved results = happy clients. 
  • By bringing on automation, your clients will see you as an innovative player in the market. 

OPERATE: Improve Operations with Cobi 18 & i-SYNERGY 

  • Reassure your clients with Confirm Clean technology. 
  • Manage cleaning performance across multiple sites, from one location. 
  • Use cleaning data to improve processes and operations. 
  • Free up staff to focus on other tasks and increase productivity. 

BEST MATE: Collaborate with Cobi 

Cobi 18, the cobot co-worker, will quickly earn the title of "best mate" once everyone sees how efficient and productive Cobi is at work! Change your facility for the better when you bring on Cobi! 

INNOVATE: Automate to Innovate 

Using innovative technology helps you stand out from the crowd! Not only will be set yourself up as a leader by using autonomous solutions but you'll also: 

  • Augment Labor 
  • Save Time on Training 
  • Increase Productivity 
  • Increase Efficiency 
  • Increase Consistent Cleaning 

If you didn’t get a chance to stop by the booth and chat with the team, you can reach out to us here

And if you are ready to discover more about Cobi 18, you can set up a discovery call here.

We hope you enjoyed your time at ISSA 2022, and we look forward to seeing you next year!

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