November 22, 2021

ISSA 2021: A Peek Inside the ICE Cobotics Booth

ICE Cobotics ISSA 2021 team members stand in front of large video wall playing fleet management technology video
ICE Cobotics ISSA 2021

ISSA 2021 went off without a hitch! At least at the ICE Cobotics booth! 

While attendance numbers were down due to Covid-19, those that attended seemed to do so with enthusiasm and cheer. 

After making my way through health screening and registration Monday afternoon (before the exhibitor booths opened) I made my way on to the show floor where booths were still being built. 

Trade show booth builders and exhibitors alike seemed excited to be back and ready to put on a show. 

When I left at 5pm on Monday there was a lot to be done across the show floor, but when I arrived on Tuesday morning at 9am, all was complete. 

Carpets were vacuumed and finishing touches had been made to booths across the trade show floor. 

Tuesday Morning Team Meeting

ICE Cobotics ISSA 2021

Dressed in our matching outfits, we listened intently as Vice President of Sales, Chris Wetmore and Director of Strategic Accounts, Kris Dihrkop reviewed updates to software and shared product knowledge. 

This Year's Booth Was All About 4 Things 

Clean Score: 

If you stopped by the booth, you got a sneak peek of Clean Score, our newest feature of i-SYNERGY. 

With Clean Score, there is no more analyzing data—you will know right away what sites have been cleaned and what sites need attention. Missed and want to know more? Schedule a Clean Score Demo with us.

ICE Cobotics ISSA 2021 Clean Score

All-Inclusive Subscription: 

As the first cleaning equipment company to provide floor cleaning equipment through a subscription service, we are always educating the industry about the benefits of Subscribing vs. Buying.

Our subscription includes everything but consumables—and that means you get great service from our Client Care team. If you have not familiarized yourself with our subscription service, you can read more here.

ICE Cobotics ISSA 2021

Lithium-ion Batteries: 

We pride ourselves on our lithium-ion battery technology. Made in-house and designed to support i-Synergy, these batteries are changing the way floor cleaning equipment operates. 

With an average run time of 4 hours, lithium-ion batteries help increase uptime and decrease downtime related to traditional battery maintenance. Here is a link to our recent guide: Everything You Need to Know About Lithium-ion Batteries.

Machine Durability: 

Since we offer floor cleaning machines through a subscription, we must build equipment meant to last. 

We have a joint interest in keeping the machines running without issue for as long as possible, so we use durable parts. For more information visit our website to read more about our full line of equipment.

ICE Cobotics ISSA 2021

With all this exciting news to share, the booth was busy! Our sales team is passionate about what they do, and you could feel that energy each time someone new walked into the booth, whether it was an old friend or a new friend. 

If you missed us at ISSA this year, no worries, we’d love to connect with you any time. Contact Us with any questions!

We hope to see you next year!

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