April 27, 2021

How Remote Monitoring Capabilities Can Transform Your Business

technology on computer screen showing fleet tracking

As we continue to experience the shift towards cleaning for health and safety, managers and end users are experiencing an increased scope of work while also meeting new expectations of what a “clean” environment means and looks like. Luckily, we live in an age of technology and innovation.

More and more software is being developed to make it possible for end users to have more insights regarding the cleaning process.

Cleaning equipment enhanced with fleet management software is an important asset for any cleaning, as it can transform the way a business can do a job.

Managers, BSCs, and end users want proof the cleaning is done and need to know where equipment is located at all times. This will help them to track what and where tasks are being done.

Moreover, they do not appreciate being caught off guard when equipment has been left sitting idle because of any malfunction. Therefore, they are grateful when they can be alerted ahead of time to any machine fixes or potential downtime situations.

They do not want to miss work time since this can cause unnecessary and expensive labor costs and because this will decrease the quality of the cleaning.

1. Use Fleet Management Software to Tackle Downtime

Downtime can also negatively affect the cleanliness of your space. Cleaning equipment is a crucial aid to staff, so when this malfunctions frequently or for long periods, the safety and health of the environment are impacted too.

The issue of downtime can effectively be addressed by what we call active maintenance.

Active maintenance in essence takes maintenance one step further. Besides following and attempting to meet machine guidelines for inspecting and replacing, you actively look for possible errors or maintenance opportunities.

This is all made possible through fleet management software as it supplies BSCs and managers with important data such as total machine run time, square footage cleaned daily, weekly, and monthly, as well as alerts for maintenance and repairs.

In this way, active maintenance helps you anticipate problems before they arise and can even help prevent them. Even though not all issues can be avoided, remote monitoring capabilities are a great help in solving problems—especially since the monitoring technicians can work to remotely diagnose these issues.

The ICE Cobotics service team is continually monitoring alert notifications therefore they know what parts and maintenance are needed for your fleet.

Once they have evaluated the alert, they can remotely fix the machine or send a technician with the appropriate parts and skills to fix the equipment. This saves you time and money and ensures you can keep up with a consistent clean.

2. Use Remote Monitoring to Improve Time Management

Optimal time management impacts numerous aspects of your business, not just the punctuality of you and your employees. Luckily, fleet monitoring capabilities can help you establish a cleaning process that will get the most out of your time.

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology that makes remote monitoring possible “uses sensors placed inside products to capture data and upload it to the internet to be accessed in real-time.”

Laurie Sewell, President at Servicon Systems, stated in a conversation with CleanLink that, ''IoT will give us “better accuracy in time management.”’’

Access to fleet management data allows managers to work with team members to develop better processes and procedures.

For example, it can help to locate times during the day when longer periods of cleaning can be done or find patterns of machine usage that are more efficient. In this way, time can be saved and cleaning team members will be able to increase their scope of work.

Time management is especially important to district managers and directors who are in charge of different locations and cleaning teams. Remote monitoring will save them time and money since they do not have to travel to each location. This time can now be spent analyzing and optimizing the cleaning process.

When cleaning teams have insight into what is working for them and what can be improved, the only thing they need is the freedom to create solutions and adjust their routine.

Giving staff this freedom will not only result in better and more efficient cleaning, but also in more satisfied employees. This is a nice extra benefit, especially since turnover rates are high in the cleaning industry.

3. Use Remote Monitoring to Establish Consistency in your Cleaning Business

Consistency counts as one of the best practices in commercial cleaning today. Clients continuously look for a cleaning business that will deliver the same, high-quality results every time. Not only will your company’s image get a boost when you can provide this service, it will ensure business continuity.

Access to cleaning data will help your business establish an overview and, in this way, set clear expectations. Creating a cleaning checklist that will build on collected data gives your team a solid basis to work with.

Once this checklist is created and adapted, it will help your cleaning business speak to a confirmed clean. This will ensure that you can confidently promise your clients that their space has been thoroughly cleaned and deliver the evidence to back this up.

In a world where cleaning standards are rising, this can be a great asset to make your company stand out.

Moreover, automation can also aid in achieving a high level of cleaning. Cobots, like Cobi 18, by ICE Cobotics will clean consistently and efficiently.

Autonomous cleaning equipment can be programmed with routes, that these machines will remember and perform at any time. They will clean according to schedule and deliver data of their results each run. This will help in optimizing the cleaning routes and thus delivering a consistent, high-quality clean.

4. Use Remote Monitoring to Boost Your Sustainability Efforts

Improving time management, reducing downtime, and delivering consistency are great benefits of remote monitoring for your cleaning business. However, this technology can not only help improve your company but can also help to make a positive change in our environment.

According to CCS, ''The idea of sustainability is tied in with innovation and technologies, as there are constant improvements being made in machines and equipment to improve their performance while reducing the negative or damaging effects that may be associated with some practices.''

In this way, managers and directors can know exactly what is being done and what more they can try to do. Monitoring capabilities thus will help to reduce water or fuel waste and eliminate extra unnecessary inventory or even machines.

Remote monitoring capabilities are here to help you transform your cleaning practice, but they will also help the industry to make our environment a more sustainable place for all.

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